Principled and Strategic Consulting

Strategic Planning Services and Organizational Development Consulting

Mission - To provide an agile strategic planning processes that animates the client’s vision, optimizes their identity, and deepens their inherent value.

Inceptum Consulting Group is a veteran-owned-and-operated limited liability company (LLC).


Know who you are and where you want to go…
take the initiative.

It’s in the Name

Our namesake, Inceptum, is the Latin word for initiative, which is a trait that we strive to translate into our work as a company. That’s why the core of what we do is providing valuable consulting services that help other organizations and companies adapt and thrive.

Why Choose Us

Over the years, we have collaborated with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations. And through our experience, we have helped them transform their day-to-day operations into long-term successes.

What We’re Good At

For us, strategy is not just about templates, visualization tools, and rubrics it’s much more. It is about a personal interface and a shared collaboration experience.


Paul Leon

CEO, Illumination Foundation

“I would highly recommend James Herrera and INCEPTUM Consulting Group for Strategic Planning. James Herrera personifies the tenets he speaks about in his business objectives; create a process that animates the client’s vision, optimizes their identity, and deepens their inherent value. James does this and more.”
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Steve Cunningham

Head of School, St. Anne School

“James Herrera is professional, thoughtful, and forward thinking. His passion and expertise in providing the very best in strategic planning advisement and direction has been a great blessing to St. Anne School. To that end, I enthusiastically recommend James and INCEPTUM Consulting group to provide exceptional strategic planning consulting for non-profits and small businesses who seek a vision and direction rooted in values.”
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