Strategic Planning

Stay true to your purpose, don’t change because you’re pressured to…

Change when you feel it’s right.

Planning Tenets:

  1. Strategy is based on a dynamic process, not a static document.
  2. A Strategic plan acknowledges the past but is forward looking.
  3. A Strategic plan does not exist on its own it is composed of ‘synchronized’ supporting (subordinate) plans.
  4. A Strategic plan should have measurable components that enable accountability and sustainability.
  5. A Strategic plan must have the inherent ‘buy in’ of all Leadership.


  1. To stay focused on your Mission or to deliberately change direction.
  2. To understand your strengths, risks, and opportunities.
  3. To define what “success” means to you.
  4. To understand your environment, culture, and ways to influence your community.
  5. To track your progress and enhance your sustainability.


  1. Trends analysis, historical reviews, and environmental scans.
  2. Value and risk analysis.
  3. Leadership and Team focus groups.
  4. Constituency discussions.
  5. Organizational reviews.
  • Meeting and Coordination

  • Planning and Analysis

  • Plan Development and Assessment

Core Competencies:

  1. Issue framing and design.
  2. Action Plan development.
  3. Analysis
  4. Team coordination and Focus group facilitation.
  5. Retreat development and facilitation.

Organizational Development

Maintain a culture that values challenges and embraces risk…

Empower your team and your value multiplies.

Planning tenets:


  1. Organizations are dynamic and structures must be reviewed.
  2. Transparency and trust must be established vertically and horizontally.
  3. Talent management and team empowerment is crucial to success.
  4. Policies and processes must be in place to support the team.
  5. Communication among all constituents is key.


  1. To ensure your organization is in line with your Mission.
  2. To understand your scale, size, and processes.
  3. To understand how leadership is identified, trained, and nurtured.
  4. To enable a relevant and resilient organization.
  5. To ensure a vibrant organization that can positively contribute to the good of the community.


  1. Trends analysis, historical reviews, and cultural scans.
  2. Value and risk analysis.
  3. Leadership and Team focus groups.
  4. Leadership training review.
  5. Constituency discussions.

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